Chasin' the Jazz Gone By

(RTCD01/RT007) CD/LP, released in September 2005
The debut album was released via a serious network of record label and distribution partners worldwide. Featuring two world-class guest vocalists, the 7 time Grammy nominee, Jazz singers' jazz singer, Mr. Mark Murphy and Paris-based Okou, a versatile female voice who has been working with names ranging from Mick Jagger to Keziah Jones.



Cornerstones EP

(RT006) 10-inch vinyl, released in 2005
Three tracks from the debut album. Straight Up, Before We Say Goodbye & Blue Cycles.



Different Corners EP

(RT003) 12-inch vinyl, released in 2004
Three Corners reinterpreted by Nicola Conte and Devil Kicks remixed by Sumo-On-Wheels and Dharmaone.



The Devil Kicks / Three Corners

(RT002) 10-inch vinyl, released in 2004
TFCQ salutes the Old Nick. The second single features Severi Pyysalo, a vibraphonist well known all around Scandinavia. The a-side, The Devil Kicks is an uptempo jazz dancer while the b-side, titled Three Corners is a mellow 3/4 waltz.



Trading Eights / Blueprint

(RT001) 10-inch vinyl, released in 2003
The very first TFCQ single and Ricky-Tick Records release. Already a modern dancefloor jazz classic. Both tracks feature a Finnish tenor sax heavyweight, Mr. Eero Koivistoinen.


The Five Corners Quintet soundbites

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  Blue Cycles featuring Okou (Cornerstones EP)
  Trading Eights (Trading Eights / Blueprint 10")
  Interlope (Chasin' The Jazz Gone By CD/LP)
  This Could Be The Start Of Something featuring Mark Murphy (Chasin' The Jazz Gone By CD/LP)
  Straight Up (Cornerstones EP)
  Three Corners (The Devil Kicks / Three Corners 10")
  Case Study Featuring Okou (Chasin' The Jazz Gone By CD/LP)
  Lighthouse (Chasin' The Jazz Gone By CD/LP)
  Before We Say Goodbye featuring Mark Murphy (Cornerstones EP)
  Unsquare Bossa (Chasin' The Jazz Gone By CD/LP)
  The Devil Kicks (The Devil Kicks / Three Corners 10")
  Jamming (With Mr. Hoagland) featuring Mark Murphy (Chasin' The Jazz Gone By CD/LP)
  Taxi Driver (Chasin' The Jazz Gone By US Edition)
  Three Corners (Nicola Conte Remix) (Different Corners EP)
  The Devil Kicks (Sumo-On-Wheels Remix) (Different Corners EP)